About Us

Dogs All The Time Shop is a small store dedicated to providing dog related gifts that people love to give and to receive.  

It all started when I was taking a course on Facebook Pages and Groups.  I created a page called BOXERS - Children Forever (I do love boxers - they are goofballs that bring wiggles, drool and joy into my life.)   There are about 50,000 people who have liked that page.

Later I created a Website called DogsAllTheTime.com and wrote articles about things that were interesting to dog lovers.  Four years later and I have staff who are still writing articles on the website.

I own a Facebook page called Dogs All The time (111,000 people) and a very active group of dog loverrs at group with the same name.  If you haven't yet, come join us at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/DogsAllTheTimeGroup/

We love finding and creating awesome gives for Dog Lovers.

BTW.  If you do give one of our gifts and the recipient loves it, send us a picture and we'll send you a coupon for your next purchase.



Dogs All The Time Shop